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What is Section 49-p

Rule 49-p was a rules in The Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961 of India, goverment elections in the country. The purpose section was to maintain a proper record in order to prevent the election fraud or the misuse of votes.

Section 49 p
Section 49 p

Rules of Section 49 p

  • The Goverment elections seeks to vote after another person has already voted as such elector, on satisfactorily answering such questions relating to his identity as the presiding officer may ask, be, instead of being allowed to vote through the balloting unit, supplied with a tendered ballot paper design, and the particulars of shall be in such language or languages as the Election Commission may specify.
  • Every such elector shall before being supplied with a tendered ballot paper write his name against the entry relating to him in Form 17B.
  • Proceed to the voting compartment and records vote on the ballot paper by placing a cross mark ‘X’ with the instrument or article supplied for the purpose or near the symbol of the candidate to vote.
  • Fold the ballot paper so as to conceal his vote and show to the presiding officer, if required, the distinguishing mark on the ballot paper
  • Give it to the presiding officer who shall place it in a cover specially kept for the purpose and
    leave the polling station.
  • If owing to blindness or physical infirmities, such elector is unable to record his vote without assistance; the presiding officer shall permit him to take with him a companion, subject to the same conditions and after following the same procedure as laid down in rule 49N for recording the vote in accordance with his wishes.

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