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JetBrains is a software development company whose tools are targeted towards software developers and project managers. JetBrains Meta Programming System (MPS) provides an all in one application for creating domain-specific languages, defining their syntax and rules and allowing you to work on the model behind the code, thanks to its integrated projectional editor. In 2017, the company has around 700 employees in its six offices in various countries of Prague, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Munich, Boston and Novosibirsk. JetBrains Wiki company offers an extended family of integrated development environments (IDEs) for the programming languages Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, SQL, Objective-C, C++, C#, Go and JavaScript.

History of JetBrains Wiki

In the year 2000, August 14 JetBrains was founded in Prague by Sergey Dmitriev, Valentin Kipiatkov and Eugene Belyaev. JetBrains Wiki initially called IntelliJ. The company released the first product, that name is IntelliJ Renamer. The tool used for java code refactoring. In 2012 the company have the new CEO’s Oleg Stepanov and Maxim Shafirov. The purpose of JetBrains MPS is to help developers for design a new language, covering everything from the syntax to the language editor, the generator and other aspects. To help you get started, JetBrains MPS comes with a generous collection of sample projects that you can search before advancing to creating your own DSL. 

JetBrains Wiki
JetBrains Development tool

Aiming to make Domain Specific Language development much more approachable, the MPS application can provide assistance in building a complete development environment for the created language, with a full-featured code editor, as well as integrated generators that can compile the DSL into popular languages (Java, XML, C, and more) (Jetbrains intellji idea, Jetbrain careers, Jetbrains student, Jetbrains Java, Jetbrains license server, Jetbrains Blog, Jetbrains For pc,)

Features of Jetbrains

  • View source code if available
  • Context-sensitive navigation
  • Overview of inheritance chains
  • Jump to a type, symbol or anything
  • Find usages of any symbol
  • Open archives or folders
  • Show compiler-generated code
  • Explore current class

MPS’s editor features a tab-based interface with a built-in console, an integrated event log and a code inspector, all bundled in a carefully designed layout. It comes with advanced navigation and editing tools, alongside analysis options for model dependencies, an integrated debugger, and breakpoint support. Furthermore, its functionality can be extended using Jetbrains IDEA actions and plugins can be automated with the help of scripts. (Jetbrains download, Jetbrains Resharper, Jetbrains For Windows 10, Jetbrains Pycharm, Jetbrains intellji idea)

Products of Jetbrains

  • Appcode
  • CLion
  • Datagrip
  • GoLand
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • PhpStorm
  • Pycharm
  • Rider
  • RubyMine
  • WebStorm

Revenue Model

JetBrains IDEs have many license options, which feature same software abilities and differ in their offered price and conditions. The team products are available as hosted and downloaded versions and have free versions for small teams. Many products are free for open source projects and educational institutions. JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA is the primary and first IDE in Jetbrains Wiki. It is one of the only paid products in a field of free or open source options

Unlike traditional coding tools and IDEs, JetBrains MPS adopts a different approach, allowing and helps you to work on the model, rather than text editing. Projectional editing displays the code in AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) form, which means a parser is not needed to build the language. Thus, the entire language development process becomes much more flexible. JetBrains MPS makes DSL development more accessible to domain experts, who are often not professional programmers. Form-like notations, tables and diagrams, and a context-sensitive syntax are features that can create easy-to-understand commands for the final DSL user and allow you to extend existing languages.

JetBrains CLion is a cross-platform IDE for C/C++ developers providing superb coding assistance and enormous time savings. With CLion you can develop applications in C and C++. In addition, it fully supports HTML (including HTML5), CSS, JavaScript, and XML. These languages are bundled in the IDE via plugins and are switched on for you by default. Your JetBrains Account is your single interaction point with JetBrains products and services. It provides easy and safe access to your licenses, seamless upgrades, and smooth migration to new hardware. For Commercial customers, JetBrains Account is a simple and convenient way to access and manage your purchases, distribute licenses to users, view your order history, and more.

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