Firebase tutorial with the sample project


Firebase is a service which is provided by Google. It helps developers and business to build their application on top of that or with the help of that. Firebase can be used as a Firebase Cloud Messaging, Firebase Auth, Real-time database, Firebase Storage, Firebase Hosting, ML Kit, Firebase tutorial with sample project.

Firebase tutorial with sample project
Firebase tutorial

Applications of Firebase :

  1. Mostly firebase was used for Push Notification.
  2. It can be used as a database for your application it can be a mobile application (or) react-native, ReactJs, Angular.
  3. We can host application in firebase.

Why Firebase :

  • Ready-made solution.
  • Easy to implement.
  • It will work fine with all the platforms.
  • 0 – downtime.
  • Basic features are free, Click here to check price.
  • This product/feature/service was trusted by many numbers of developers and business peoples.

About Firebase :

Firebase’s first product was the Firebase Real-time Database, an API that synchronizes application data across iOS, Android, and Web devices, and stores it on Firebase’s cloud. The product assists software developers in building real-time, collaborative applications. In May 2012, one month after the beta launch, Firebase raised $1.1M in seed funding from venture capitalists Flybridge Capital Partners, Greylock Partners, Founder Collective, and New Enterprise Associates. In June 2013, the company further raised $5.6M in Series A funding from venture capitalists Union Square Ventures and Flybridge Capital Partners. In 2014, Firebase launched two products. Firebase Hosting and Firebase Authentication. This positioned the company as a mobile backend as a service. EX:

In October 2014, Firebase was acquired by Google. In October 2015, Google acquired Divshot to merge it with the Firebase team. In May 2016, at Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference, Firebase tutorial with sample project expanded its services to become a unified platform for mobile developers.

Firebase now integrates with various other Google services, including Google Cloud Platform, AdMob, and Google Ads to offer broader products and scale for developers. Google Cloud Messaging, the Google service to send push notifications to Android devices, was superseded by a Firebase product, Firebase Cloud Messaging, which added the functionality to deliver push notifications to iOS and Web devices. In January 2017, Google acquired Fabric and Crashlytics from Twitter to add those services to Firebase tutorial with sample project.

FCM References :

These are the available References which is provided by google.

FCM Terms of use :

Firebase ServicesTerms of Service
Firebase Realtime Database
Firebase Hosting
Firebase Paid Services Agreement
Google APIs Terms of Service
Firebase Data Processing and Security Terms
Cloud Firestore (Beta)
Cloud Functions for Firebase
Cloud Storage for Firebase
Firebase Authentication
Firebase Test Lab
Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service*
Firebase Crash Reporting
Firebase Performance Monitoring
Firebase Cloud Messaging
Firebase Dynamic Links
Firebase Remote Config
Firebase A/B Testing (Beta)
Firebase Invites
Firebase Predictions
ML Kit for Firebase (Beta)**
Firebase In-App Messaging (Beta)
Google APIs Terms of Service
Firebase Data Processing and Security Terms
Firebase App IndexingGoogle APIs Terms of Service
Firebase App Indexing User Data Policy
CrashlyticsCrashlytics Terms of Service
Fabric Data Processing and Security Terms
Google Analytics for FirebaseGoogle Analytics for Firebase Terms of Service
Google Analytics for Firebase Use Policy
Google Ads Data Processing Terms

FCM integration with node js+reactjs :

Here you can learn simple implementation of FCM(Firebase cloud messaging) with Node Js (example+ReactJS.Please checkout my project there you can find sample program.

About Firebase tutorial with sample project :

  • Visit My GitHub page where you can find my FrontEnd and BackEnd project.
  • Please follow the instructions using README.MD file.

Please find the Sample Images :

ReactJs UI Part
Push Notification

Download Source Code :

FCM Sample Project

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